10 Office Supplies You Should Always Have

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

important office supplies

In order to successfully run an office, you need office supplies. But which ones are the most important to an efficient workplace? Of all the office supplies out there, which ones cause an uproar when it runs out? Paper supplies, sticky notes, filing organization, presentation boards, envelopes, and other mailing supplies are some of the most important supplies. Coffee supplies, ink cartridges, sellotape, staplers and staples, and cleaning products are also imperative to keep on hand.

Paper supplies

While the world is becoming increasingly paperless, there’s still a multitude of office tasks that require certain types of paper. Legal and notepads, computer and copier paper, and letterhead stationery supplies such as envelopes, cardstock and colored copier paper should all be available to employees.

Sticky notes 

Sticky or Post-It notes come in a wide range of sizes and colors. From writing down passwords to jotting down meeting times and other reminders, there are virtually limitless office uses for Post-It notes. When used in moderation for specific purposes, sticky notes can be a very effective office tool.

Filing organization 

Most offices have data backup systems as well as extensive paper filing systems. Choose filing cabinets that fit the layout of your office and the needs of your employees. Make sure that your filing cabinets are equipped with ample hanging files, file folders, and file folder labels. You may also want to think about stocking three-ring binders with dividers for short-term office storage.

Presentation boards

You should have large whiteboards and bulletin boards for conference rooms, break rooms, and other central meeting places. Depending on the needs of your office, you may want to purchase supplies for smaller dry erase boards and bulletin boards for employee offices. Equip all dry erase boards with ample pens and cleaning cloths, and provide push pins or tacks for the bulletin boards.

Envelopes and other mailing supplies

Business sized security envelopes are always needed to send checks and a padded mailer should be on hand to send a small,  fragile item. Shipping supplies are readily available and keep virtually forever. Figure out what ailing supplies your office needs and order in bulk quantities.

Coffee supplies

Gourmet coffee shops are all the rage these days. You will have a certain number of employees who simply aren’t happy unless they can get coffee from a favorite shop. Freshly made coffee on hand in the break room with cups, napkins, creamer, sugar, and stirrers encourages employees to get their coffee at the office.

Ink cartridges

Running out of printer or copier ink means downtime for the company, which can be detrimental. Keep extra ink cartridge supplies in the office so that you never have to worry about running out.


Sellotape can be invisible photo tape, sticky tape that is strong and waterproof, and masking tape that is suitable for lightweight packages. There are many uses for tape in an office, so it is important to keep supplies on hand. 

Staplers and staples

Extra staplers and staples should be on hand in the office supply room for employees to grab a stapler or more staples in a pinch.

Cleaning products

Even if you hire a cleaning company, it is still a good idea to keep a few emergency supplies in the office. Extra supplies, such as paper towels and wipes, can be used for the occasional spill or other mess.

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