7 Office Supplies Your Small Business Needs

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

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The process of starting a small business comes with a wealth of decisions, including determining which office supplies you need the most. These office items include paper, writing, and filing supplies as well as calendars and planning supplies, presentation, electronic and technical, and office maintenance supplies. The type and size of your particular business will help you customize this list of office supplies as needed.

Paper Supplies

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In an increasingly paperless world, businesses still need a large number of paper products. The basic paper items for any office include computer and copier paper, sticky notes, and notepads. Other paper products include legal pads, stationery, company letterhead, and envelopes.

There are a handful of office supplies that are critical for keeping papers in order, including staplers, staples, staple removers, glue, tape, and paper clips. Consider the types of tape and glue that will be most useful in your office. For example, if you send a lot of packages, make sure to stock up on clear packing tape. You may also want to purchase push pins, tacks, and rubber bands.

Writing Supplies

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Employees need pens in varying types and colors, pencils, erasers, dry erase board markers and highlighters. You should also think about containers for housing these office supplies on desks and in desk drawers.

Look for cups or other writing utensils containers that match the aesthetic of your office. Plastic cups with a company logo may be good for a casual workplace, while standard black mesh cups may be better for a traditional office.

Filing Supplies

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Even though increasing amounts of records are stored online each year, businesses still have a need for storing hard copies. Review various filing cabinet models, such as horizontal or vertical options and those with two drawers or four drawers.

Equip your office with cabinets that have file folders, hanging files, and file folder labels. Leave it up to your employees to organize their filing cabinets in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Your employees may also benefit from office supplies like three-ring binders with dividers for short-term storage and project organization. If you opt to order binders for your business, make sure to add three-hole paper punches to your filing supplies.

Calendars and Planning Supplies

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Consider what type of office supplies your employees will use to keep track of important events. While some employees like to use electronic calendars and planners, many still rely heavily on paper organizers. Talk to your employees to find out which style they prefer. Many people like to have a small portable planner that they can take to and from the office as well as a large desktop calendar.

Presentation supplies

dry erase board, markers, eraser

The two most popular types of presentation boards are dry erase boards and bulletin boards, both of which come in a wide variety of sizes. Consider buying smaller models that employees can use in their offices and larger models for conference rooms and other meeting spaces.

Both sizes make it simple for employees to present and display different types of information to groups of all sizes.

Electronics and technical supplies

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Many businesses get so wrapped up in purchasing technology and electronic items that they do not consider the supplies that they need for these items. These supplies include ink cartridges and computer software. Make sure that you have software that is applicable to your industry as well as general word processing and antivirus software.

Office supplies for maintenance

cleaning supplies

Maintenance materials may not be the most exciting item on your list of office supplies, but they are key for running a successful small business. Your list should include trash cans, garbage bags, cleaning materials, paper towels, and facial tissues.

There are a large number of retailers that sell office supplies. It is best to explore a range of stores, websites, and catalogs so that you can review all of your options and pricing. Resist the urge to buy the first thing that you find and do your research before making any purchases.

The extra time that you put into purchasing office supplies will be well worth the money that you save by making well-informed purchasing decisions. 

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