Buying Office Furniture? Keep These 6 Factors In Mind

Monday, January 20th, 2020

conference room office furniture

Today’s office furniture is more than a chair and a desk pushed into a corner or a cubicle. Properly selected and installed office furniture offers a custom solution to a business’s particular needs. It also makes a statement about the business and the people behind the brand. When selecting office furniture six things should be considered: function, size, comfort, ergonomics, style and price.

When you have a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for and the specific requirements that must be met, the entire process will be made easier.


Office furnishings must serve a particular function. Desk and filing cabinets within a manufacturing facility’s office serve different functions than those within the legal department. Conference room furnishings perform different functions than the tables and chairs in the break room. You need to plan for each area of your office separately, rather than purchasing the same kind of furnishings for every area of your office.


The size of office furniture plays a major role in space planning and functionality. Larger desk sizes mean there will be less space and thus fewer work stations. Desks that are too small can create cramped working conditions. Space planning is critical when purchasing office furniture, whether it is for a single office or an entire building.


Adjustable office chairs allow each person to tweak the chair’s angle and height for maximum comfort. Quality padding will stand up to continual wear for several years while offering a comfortable place to sit. Quality fabrics will be soft to the touch, yet be durable and wear resistant. Lumbar support is another important feature to allow your employees to work in comfort and reduce back strain from prolonged sitting.


People use office furniture every day. The furniture needs to offer workers a comfortable seat that allows them to avoid stress and injury from doing repetitive tasks. For example, a chair should be height adjustable so that a worker can reach the desk and keyboards without causing a strain on the neck, arms, shoulders, and wrists. Adjustable desks or keyboard trays also help reduce strain on the upper body.


Your office furniture style is a reflection of your company. If you are a high-tech company, a modern sleek style with plenty of chrome and glass might be the way to go. If you are a profession working in the law or banking industry, heavy dark wood furniture in a traditional style is probably more your style. Your office furnishings need to demonstrate what your business is about while making employees and clients feel welcome and comfortable.


Every office furniture project has a budget. In this kind of project, quality is a direct reflection of price. Most commercial office spaces need to have higher quality furnishings than what you would find in a typical home office. The kind of furniture you would put into the CEO’s office is not the same you would use in a typical cubicle. You want to purchase furnishings that will last and not need frequent replacement, which can drain the office furniture budget.

One of the most important decisions you have to make when purchasing office furniture is where to buy your new office furniture. You want a supplier who offers a wide selection of office workspace products and solutions from leading brands.

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