Choosing The Right Desks For Your Office

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

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The proper furniture can mean the difference between a chaotic, disorganized day and a calm, productive day. When buying office furniture, take your time so that you buy furniture that is a good fit for your employees and your business. Office furniture is an important investment into your company. You should ensure that you’re buying pieces that are comfortable, durable, and will look stylish for many years to come. 

The first thing to consider when buying desks for your office is the type of work that your employees complete on a regular basis. Common desk types include those made for employees who work with computers, paper, or a combination of the two. You should also consider the ergonomics and space guidelines of desks, as well as colors, surfaces, and whether your employees will sit or stand at their desks.

Desks made for working on computers

If you have employees that spend the majority of the work day at the computer, they need office furniture designed specifically for computer work. Look for an office desk that has a pull out keyboard tray at the proper height and includes built-in holes or channels for electric wiring.

Desks made for working with paper

An office desk with a large surface space is ideal for working with piles of papers, as well as books. For example, if you work with lots of spreadsheets each week, you don’t want to crowd them on a small computer desk. Shelving and overhead cabinet space can also be beneficial for employees that work with paper.

Desks made for working on computers and with paper

L-shaped and U-shaped office desk configurations allow for computer work, paperwork, and and even small meetings. These desks also offer an impressive aesthetic for clients, customers, and other guests. There are many companies that have a need for all three types of work setups within a single office. Consider which types of desks are appropriate for specific employees and work spaces. Most employees may want computer desks, but it would be helpful to have a handful of L- or U-shaped furniture for large offices and conference rooms.

Ergonomics and space guidelines of office desks

An office desk should provide ample clearance so that your legs can fit underneath comfortably. A standard desk height is 29 to 30 inches. You may need to look for desks with adjustable heights for employees at the far ends of the height spectrum. There should be a minimum of three and a half feet to sit behind the desk. Ideally, there should be three feet of space behind the desk chair and another three feet in front of the desk if you need another chair.

One of the most important aspects of sitting at an office desk is using the keyboard comfortably. Traditional office desk height is too high for most keyboard use, which can result in muscle strain. If employees are using computers at their desks, the desks must include keyboard platforms or adjustable legs. A keyboard platform should have ample space for mouse use. Finally, make sure that office desks have sufficient space for all desktop equipment and supplies. Employees should never have to stretch too far to grab a pencil or answer the phone.

Office desk colors and surfaces

Office desks come in a variety of neutral colors including black, white, and different shades of brown, such as walnut and cherry. Neutral colors coordinate with an extensive range of office decor. There are a handful of common office desk surfaces, including laminate, metal or steel, and wood or veneer.

Sitting and standing at office desks

Sitting for hours at a time can cause chronic back pain as well as a host of other back issues. A stand up desk is a great way to give your back a much needed break. Many employees feel more alert and are more productive when they are standing. There are quite a few sit-to-stand office desks and work tables on the market that have adjustable heights. These desks allow your employees to choose whether they’d like to sit or stand at any given time. If you believe that standing desks would be a good option for your organization, consult your employees for their input about various models.

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