How Hybrid Workers Can Incorporate MFPs Into Their Daily Routine

Monday, November 7th, 2022

Office Worker using MFP and Dynabook

We are living in a world where hybrid and virtual work has become the norm. Something that has also changed is the way that businesses use everyday technology. For instance, how are companies still able to utilize their MFPs for vital work? Sharp is continuously upgrading its technology to help improve the workplace, and The Office Center is here to help customers understand exactly what their business needs. Here is what you need to know about what this technology has to offer!

Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing makes it easy for remote and hybrid employees to store their documents in the cloud and print them once they are in the same vicinity at the device. This stops employees from getting ahold of documents they are not authorized to see or from printing unnecessary documents. 

Secure Network

The newest technology allows for automatic updates that are able to protect your devices and all of their data. The MFP also has authentication that will enable users to enter a security code to protect each document. 


National energy conservation is the practice of using less energy. Within an office setting, there are typically many pieces of equipment that require energy so it’s important to understand how much and where that energy is going. With new MFPs, there are many eco-friendly functions that help with energy conservation and efficiency. 

Digital Tools To Incorporate

Synappx Meeting

  • Helps productivity 
  • Efficient
  • Admin Portal
  • Central Management
  • Secure 

Synappx Go

  • Remote Operations 
  • Convenient Print Release
  • Store to the Cloud
  • Remote Collaboration

Synappx WorkSpaces

  • Operational Analytics
  • Usage Analytics
  • Status Analytics
  • Environmental Analytics

Other Synappx Ready Systems –

Things To Consider

While you might think that your office copy machine is just fine, it might be difficult for some employees to operate and maintain supplies for the machine. User experience is vital for an MFP in the workplace. Daily work functions go much more smoothly when each employee is able to operate the machines that are vital to their work. 

Sharp MFPs are also easy for your IT department to regulate. These machines come with remote firmware that updates automatically to ease the duties of any IT department. 

The Office Center Inc. 

When you go to consider which MFP is best for your business, the Office Center can help you understand every aspect of the machines and what your business can benefit from. Just give us a call at 575-763-5589