How To Care For Your Copier

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

leasing a copy machine

Copier maintenance might not be one of your top priorities in the workplace. But, it’s something that should be done regularly. If you’ve never done this, or don’t know how to do it, here are some tips on how to clean your copier in the most efficient way possible. 

  • Try to only use high-quality products. We know that it may seem like you are saving money with cheaper products, but in the long run, you will find yourself spending more and more on maintenance repairs. When using cheaper paper products, they tend to leave debris or dust inside this printer. This will result in more internal maintenance. 
  • Try to keep the glass on the copier clean. Never spray the glass cleaner directly onto the machine. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and spray it directly onto it instead of the glass. 
  • Regularly dust the ink cartridges. You can do this with a regular duster or with a cotton swab that has been sprayed with water or isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Besides dusting the ink cartridges, you should also dust the inside and the outside of the machine. This will help the machine to function as normally as possible without any interference. 
  • You should use your machine regularly. This helps to keep it active and helps to keep the ink working properly. 
  • Make sure that your employees know how to work the machine. This is important so that functions work properly and don’t break from misuse. 

As always, you should choose a managed print service to help with any issues that may occur. If you can’t fix it yourself, this service will usually send a technician out to your business to try and fix any issue that may arise. 

Caring for your copier can save you a lot of time and money that could be used elsewhere within the business. It’s important to use these tips to properly care for and maintain your office machines. 

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