How You Can Reduce Stress For Your Office Employees

Friday, July 26th, 2019

organized office with no stres

It’s common knowledge that stressed employees are not productive employees. Despite this, studies show that as many as 83% of Americans report experiencing high levels of stress in their workplace. This poses an undeniable problem for employers. In order to maximize production, employers should minimize stress. 

But how can stress be effectively minimized? An organized, comfortable, and well-run office is one place to start. However, sometimes the best way to improve productivity is to take a short break to decrease stress levels. As you evaluate the stress in your office and look for ways to minimize it, consider the following factors.

Organization and time management are key

Employees are better able to keep themselves organized at work when they have established systems for making appointments, tracking time, and filing paperwork. Employees who are organized are more productive and less stressed. There is a considerable amount of time that is saved when materials can be located, tasks are delegated, and procedures are followed. The availability and use of binders, planners, calendars and storage systems could also be beneficial to having a well-run office. A good filing system can make a world of difference in terms of office efficiency.

Invest in good office chairs

People experiencing occupational stress often suffer from back pain, headaches, and overall fatigue. High quality, ergonomically designed office chairs improve posture. This improvement in posture in turn reduces the incidence of backaches and neck aches. Ergonomic office chairs can also work to decrease muscle tension, resulting in less headaches. Consider making an investment in good-quality office chairs with an ergonomic design. This can show a concern for the health and well being of your employees as well as a long-term benefit of boosting productivity.

Eliminate interruptions

Modern office workers are interrupted as many as seven times per hour and distracted up to two hours per day, resulting in stress. Employees can eliminate most interruptions by setting all phone and computer alerts to silent, checking in and responding to messages once per hour. If you can’t get anything done without someone stopping by to talk, put on headphones or if possible, close the door. Schedule times that you are available to talk. By scheduling these times, people get accustomed to emailing or stopping by when you’re actually available.

Take breaks

If you have a job that requires long stretches of sitting, you should make a point of getting up at least once every half an hour. Breaks are especially important if you work at a computer, as your eyes need time away from the screen. Encourage employees to use their small breaks to walk around the office, even stepping outside for a few minutes, weather permitting. Regular breaks allow employees to come back more focused and less stressed, maintaining a higher level of office productivity.

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