Keeping Office Documents Organized

Friday, August 28th, 2020

office organization

A single business can create thousands, if not millions, of documents each year. However, with a few simple tactics, any office can create an organized, more efficient, productive work environment. Business owners should include both short-term and long-term document organization strategies.


Labeling and color-coding systems can also be established to help keep documents organized. Shredding old documents should be done periodically in order to stay organized.

Short-term and Long-term Document Organization

Tabletop or rolling solutions work to organize short-term document storage. Encourage employees to file papers they don’t use on a regular basis in their filing cabinets, such as tax forms.

There is a wide range of filing cabinets on the market to improve document organization. Resist the urge to buy the first cabinet you see, simply because it is inexpensive or convenient. Instead, do your research and select cabinets that are the best fit for your existing office furniture, and storage style.

Many businesses choose metal filing cabinets because of their durability and longevity. With proper maintenance, metal filing cabinets are guaranteed to last for decades. The available colors of filing cabinets have expanded significantly to include options beyond black, grey, and tan.

Three to six drawer vertical filing cabinets are the most popular model for keeping office documents organized. The tall, slender design makes this cabinet easy to fit in virtually any office space. Lateral or horizontal designs are ideal to organize unusually shaped documents, such as maps and legal papers.

Establish Labeling and Color-coding Systems for Document Organization

Labeling is one of the simplest ways to keep documents more organized. If you find that there are issues in the office with finding documents in a timely fashion, consider implementing a company-wide, color-coding system.

Make a list of common file categories to organize, such as weekly meetings and customer projects. Then, designate a color for each category. Remember, the best filing system for your business is the one that works for your employees and keeps them organized.

Shredding old documents can help with document organization

The best filing systems remain effective and efficient when files are well maintained. Schedule company-wide cleans out sessions on a periodic basis. These sessions give employees the time they need to go through their documents and clean out unnecessary files.

Make sure that all confidential documents are shredded with a cross-cut shredder and disposed of properly.

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