Leather Vs. Faux Leather Office Chairs

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

business woman sitting in leather office chair

When shopping for new office chairs, one of the biggest decisions is whether to buy genuine, bonded, or faux leather. All three options come with positives and negatives as well as various style options. It is important to research your choices so that you can purchase the right leather office chairs for your business and employees.

Genuine leather

High quality, genuine leather sofas and office chairs are a status symbol. Typically, genuine leather material is more comfortable and lasts longer than faux materials. For people with allergies, genuine leather is a great option because it does not hold as much allergens, dust, or pet dander as fabric furniture. This material is also very easy to maintain. Simply wipe down the furniture with an appropriate cleaner occasionally and it will last for decades.

Genuine leather office chairs comes with a higher price tag than faux or bonded options, which is the biggest reason that many people explore alternative options. Yet nothing quite matches the durability of genuine leather office chairs. Your initial investment ensures that you have high quality office chairs that will retain their appearance for years to come. 

Bonded leather

Bonded leather is made from leftover pieces of animal hide that are blended together to create a seamless piece of material. In comparison, genuine leather furniture is made from whole pieces of animal hide. Bonded options are considerably cheaper than genuine, which is a big plus for many companies that are searching for office chairs. Many people like the fact that they can still buy furniture made with real leather for a fraction of the cost of genuine pieces.

Many manufacturers use multiple types of coats and permanent polishes to give bonded leather a genuine aesthetic. Once a piece of furniture is completed, it is hard to tell the difference between the two types, because the appearance and smell are virtually indistinguishable.

A disadvantage of bonded leather office chairs is that they are softer. Usually bonded material is not as shiny as genuine, but it is just as easy to maintain.

Keep in mind that the amount of animal hide used for bonded leather office chairs can vary from one manufacturer or retailer to the next. Most office chair furniture companies do not disclose the details about these amounts. Make sure to inquire about this factor, as it can significantly impact the lifespan of office chairs. 

Faux leather

Faux leather is an inexpensive option for office chairs and it is also animal friendly. There are two primary types of faux leather material: PVC and materials that begin with “poly” such as polyamide microfibre and polyurethane.

Most poly materials are easy to maintain and are breathable. PVC is tougher to clean and does not breathe well. Since animals are not harmed in the making of poly or PVC products, they are considered to be environmentally friendly. Poly or PVC office chairs are easy to clean and maintain, are UV fade resistant, and do not crack. Poly and PVC materials can be produced in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles, including high gloss finishes. These materials are not as durable, do not have the same luster and patina, and do not have the same hypoallergenic qualities as genuine leather. 

Other types of this material include Swedish koskinn, ocean leather from kelp, and cork leather from oak trees. It is important to inquire about the type of materials being used before purchasing new office chairs. 

Chair styles

Most genuine, bonded, and faux leather office chairs come in black, brown, and burgundy. Black is the most popular color because it coordinates with a wide variety of office styles. This material pairs beautifully with both wood finishes and metallic accents. From traditional to modern, you do not have to worry about your office chair clashing with your interior design.

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