Why You Need Secure Document Shredding

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

secure document shredding

Think about all the paperwork you’ve handled in your office so far this year. How many of them have Social Security Numbers on them? Employee Identification Numbers? Other types of confidential and private information?

What do you do with those sensitive documents after you’re finished? You’ve got quite a bit of sensitive information to get rid of and it’s not as easy as throwing it away. After all, what happens if the wrong person gets a hold of all that identifying information?

Lots of bad things.

The best way to handle getting rid of these sensitive documents is to arrange for the services of a secure document shredding company. Here are the biggest advantages to doing this.

Identity Thieves

Offices handle paperwork. And paper tends to pile up. So that means an office can have literal stacks of paper that’s full of sensitive information, waiting to be disposed of. It’s easy to toss a piece of paper in the trash, because that’s where waste paper should go. But remember that identity thieves are not one bit shy about digging through trash to find exactly what they need to be who they are: identity thieves.

Skip the trash can, leave those thieves empty-handed, and have your office’s paper waste shredded to pieces by a reputable and secure service. They’ll make sure everything is shredded and contained.

Reducing Liability

Every industry has set of privacy standards that must be met. The medical field has HIPAA, the finance industry has FACTA, and so on. You’re obligated to maintain the privacy and security of sensitive documents at all times. Including when you dispose of the documents. Reduce your risk of liability by going through a certified shredding company for disposal. By going through a certified shredding company that deals specifically with document destruction, you ensure your compliance with the laws and standards in place. A Certificate of Destruction will also be valuable, as it have the date, time, and method of destruction.

Secure and Eco-Friendly

Secure document destruction usually involves recycling the mountains of shredded paper that follow shredding. By law, sensitive documents that have been shredded cannot be thrown away. Identity thieves are very good at putting together jigsaw puzzles, and will happily work with any shreds they find in the trash.

A certified shredding service will be able to take shredded documents and recycle the materials in a closed building with appropriate security measures in place. They have documented custody of the entire destruction and recycling process with a strict protocol.

In sum, document shredding is one of the best measures you can take. By securing these services, you circumvent identity theft, avoid incurring legal sanctions, and engage in an environmentally-responsible disposal process.

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