In the past, when equipping an office, it was necessary to have a fax machine, a copier, a printer, a scanner, possibly a cash register, calculator, time clock and computers. All of these different devices have their own supply and service needs and occupy a great deal of office space. With modern technology many functions have been rolled together. The computers we use might provide time clock, cash register and bookkeeping functions while copiers, scanners, faxes and printers have consolidated into one device known as an MFP (Multi-Function Printer).The advantages are many to this MFP technology. Valuable office space is freed up and even more importantly you now have a single supply to deal with and a single point of service. This reduces your cost, simplifies your task and saves headaches.

Total Care Package

The Office Center, Inc. has taken this a step further with our ‘Total Care Package’. Not only are multiple machines rolled into one device but multiple needs are combined as well. Your lease (or rental), your service and your supplies are combined in one program in most cases at a lower rate than an outright purchase price creating a situation where literally you ‘just add paper’.
We have factory-trained technicians and one of the fastest response times in the industry.