The Office Center, Inc., maintains a great selection of furniture with rapid access to thousands of freight free special order items. We offer free design services to improve the workflow of your office and insure that the furniture you choose is the best possible choice, both in design, placement, fit and price, before you place your order.

Your furniture will be professionally assembled, delivered and installed free of charge.

U.S. Government Agencies

Cannon Air Force Base and US Goverment Offices will benefit from our Hon BPA and GSA contracts. Through the HON General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule, U.S. Goverment agencies through out our community have access to a wide range of HON storage/filing, desking, systems, seating and tables. Contract #GS-27F-0015S

State, City, and County Government Agencies

State, City and County Government Agencies will benefit from our TCPN Contract. The Cooperative Purchasing Network is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contract for K-12 Schools, Cities, Municipalities, Counties, State Colleges, Universities, Religious Organizations, Private and Charter Schools, Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations. By registering free, your agency may utilize this program without going out for solicitation as required by many procurement laws.

Healthcare Businesses

Our Community Hospitals, Dr. Offices, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies and all Healthcare Based Businesses will benefit from our Premier Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Supplies and Distribution Program. For those with tight budgets, limited resources, and high expectations.