These Five Supplies Will Organize Your Office And Your Life

Monday, June 15th, 2020

office supplies

Having the right kind of office supplies is a critical component of your work environment because they maximize your productivity. There is a huge variety of office supplies available for you to choose from in today’s marketplace. From the low-tech gear such as paper clips to high-tech computer projection screens, there’s just about everything you could imagine. But there are several organizational staples that you should certainly keep in mind. By using these five key office supplies you’ll give yourself the pleasant experience of an accessible workspace while maximizing your work productivity.

Binders with dividers

Binders with dividers can help with everything from organizing desk paperwork to preparing for upcoming presentations. And by using color dividers, you’ll be able to easily partition important things and identify them by sight. This color-coding saves you time as you sort varying materials into ongoing binder files. Additionally, one of the key aspects to maintaining long-term binders is taking the time to sort through them regularly and cleaning out old papers and re-filing stray documents makes a big difference.

Daily planner or master calendar

If you haven’t used a daily planner or master calendar, it can be hard to understand why it is so important for organization. Planners and calendars are so much more than a place to write down times and dates for upcoming meetings. You can use these supplies to keep track of a wide variety of tasks, deadlines, and appointments. Also, you can use planners and calendars to plan short-term and long-term goals. There are an extensive range of planners and calendars on the market today. Work with your staff to determine what office supplies would be the most applicable for your organization.

Filing storage

Many office employees find it beneficial to have a small filing system to keep on top of their desks. These systems are great for sorting current phone memos, mail, and project paperwork so that they are organized and easily accessible. However, these systems are not so great for massive amounts of long-term storage. Be sure to have adequate filing storage for all types of paperwork so that employee work areas are not cluttered.  

Paper clips and staplers

From organizing files for upcoming projects to putting together packets for monthly presentations, paper clips and staplers are essential. Consider ordering enough paper clips and staplers so that employees can have personal supplies and also have supplies located in communal areas. When you’re copying papers last minute before a meeting, having a stapler right by the copy machine can be a big time saver.

Desktop organizer

It is easy to get caught up in ordering small office supplies without thinking about how employees will keep them organized. Stocking these supplies is a great start. However, having an assortment of pens, pencils, paper clips, post-its, and small legal pads can make a desk cluttered. Purchasing simple, inexpensive desktop organizers can make a big difference when it comes to productivity and office morale. 

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