These Green Office Tips Can Help Make The World A Better Place

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

live plant green office tips

It’s (much) easier than you think to have a green office. The average person spends the bulk of their time at their place of employment. This means the workplace is where we have the greatest impact in reducing the carbon footprint. You can maximize this potential yourself by following these easy green office tips and putting them into practice.  

The key here is to start with the basics. When you start doing any of these simple and sustainable things, you contribute to the ongoing effort to conserve our environment. This, in turn, improves the quality of life for all.

Green Office Tips For Beginners

Get a Plant (A Real One) 

  • Go by a Home & Garden store and pick out a live plant. 
  • Succulents, cacti, and aloe vera plants make excellent desk plants 
  • Not only will they add color to the office, they’ll recycle and filter out the impurities in the air.

Set Up A Recycling System

  • Employees are more likely to recycle if there are clearly marked containers placed in a common area.
    • Place containers for cans, plastic, and paper in the break room.
    • Set up scheduled collections with a local recycling center or assign an employee with the task of taking the containers to be emptied on a regular basis.
  • Put a bin for waste paper near the printers and fax machines
    • Schedule regular on-site secure shredding services from a certified document destruction company

Banish Disposables From the Break Room

  • No more Styrofoam cups for the coffee 
  • No more paper cups for the water cooler
  • No more plastic cutlery.
  • Pick up “real” coffee mugs from the thrift store or encourage employees to bring their own
  • Instead of single-use packets, use refillable glass or metal tumblers for creamer, sugar, and artificial sweeteners 

Greenify the Office Supplies

  • Look for office supplies made from post-consumer materials 
  • Limit the use of office supplies that cannot be recycled or have no green alternative (rubber bands are an example)
  • Swap out harsh cleaning supplies with cleaning products that are clearly labelled as eco-friendly
    • Method is an excellent brand for non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Look for biodegradable hand soap to put in the restrooms and swap out the paper towels for a hand dryer (or cloth hand towels).

Put These Green Office Tips To Practice

That’s it! Those are your starting points. 

Think about how easily you can put these green office tips into practice. These are excellent starting points for anyone who is interested in making the transition into a sustainable workplace. Once you establish your new routine, you’ll find yourself looking for different ways you can be a sustainable office. And by doing so, you are an active participant in the mission to make the world a better place by reducing our carbon footprint.

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